Review: WhatFontis – A Unique Tool to Find Fonts Easily

Ever wonder what is the font others are using on their design? Or if you have an image which has a nice font that you want to use but can’t find the right font name?

WhatFontis, is what your looking for. You can easily identify the font/s used to a certain image. WhatFontis is a web app tool to easily identify fonts by submitting an image or you can simply specify the URL of the image.

WhatFontis offers also a unique way to display your desired fonts from the image you submitted. You can choose between displaying free and commercial fonts or you can display all fonts. Aside from that you can either choose a background color that incorporates to the image you will submit, either background color is lighter or darker..

The app also offers a search area wherein you can simply type the font you want (if you know the font name). WhatFontis displays all the fonts associated to the font name you search. You can also download the available fonts you want from the search results. Download the fonts in either free or premium fonts.

WhatFontis stands out among the font searching tool from the web for designers because if you cannot find a font that is on the image you submitted, you can simply ask the font to the forum community. They will help you to find the font you are looking for!

Noteworthy Features:

1. Easy steps on finding a font.

2. Let users obtain fonts right from the search results easily.

3. Download fonts in both free and premium all in one place.

4. Display search results in a readable manner.

5. Useful time-saver.


WDA recommends this! Indeed, one of the best web app and time-savers for designers. No need to waste your time searching for a mystery font for hours.

Want to try it? Visit WhatFontis at

Tell us what you think about the app, feel free to comment below!

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  1. aengus



    Handy tool. “What the font” is another firm favourite.


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