Review: Itsmymood Facebook App

Let’s face it, all of us right now is so addicted to Facebook. It can be posting your status on your wall, uploading pictures and sharing it to all your friends. But the recent buzz, is the fact that Facebook gain more and more popularity because of apps and games that other 3rd party companies offers through Facebook.

Every now and then, their will be a newly launch Facebook app that will sweep away FB community and users. Some of Facebook apps are well accepted and worldwide used by every person who has a Facebook account. Some gains popularity, some just simply fades away. It can be a game or an app, it is definitely proves that Facebook is the 21st century internet phenomenon.

When design company DDT Network approaches us regarding their newly launched Facebook app, we decided to have it review and publish it here at WDA.

So, on our post today we have the honor to review one of the newest Facebook app and soon-to-be new FB craze “itsmymood”. Itsmymood is a Facebook app that gives a Facebook users a unique way to share or post how they feel on that certain moment. The app comes with lots of lots of awesome “mooodies” (that’s what they call for different expressions and moods) to choose from.

Aside from moodies, the app comes with many colors, shapes, and expressions to choose. Choices for each mood, one for each personality and one for each occasion.

Itsmymood Facebook App

Itsmymood Features:

Let’s take a deeper look on how itsmymoods will sweep away the Facebook community.

1. Multiple Moodies to choose from

Itsmymood Facebook App

Itsmymood offers a different varieties of moodies, which you can select and publish it on your FB page.

2. Hundreds of Moodies Everyday

Moodies has more than 500 moods or expressions, and still counting to choose from.

3. Easy steps on choosing a moodies

Itsmymood Facebook App

4. Really nice layouts and illustrations

Itsmymood Facebook App

Cute and adorable moodies illustration to select and post on your FB wall.

5. Ready to publish random moodies

Itsmymood Facebook App

If your lazy enough to choose your mood for today one by one, , you can simply click their Random moodies to generate a mood for you.

6. No annoying account registration.

7. Multiple Integration

Itsmymood Facebook App

Aside from Facebook integration, you can also share it at Twitter, WordPress, your personal website or your blog or even download for your desktop. (Note: For now, itsmymoods only supports Facebook)

8. Daily additions of moodies

New moodies everyday to share on your Facebook wall.

9. Freebies Sections

Itsmymood Facebook App

You can download high-quality wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad and Desktop.

10. And lastly, It’s totally FREE!

Itsmymood Bad Side:

Yes, we do liked itsmymood Facebook App, but still we can’t let it pass the bad side of these app.

1. No additional information for every expressions and moodies

Itsmymood Facebook App

Its good to have a name or a tooltip on the expressions moody area wherein not only the user will choose the moody, but at the same time user will know what moody it is. Remember that not all users knows each and every expressions, icons or smileys.

2. No Share to Email option

Itsmymood Facebook App

Maybe aside from posting it to Facebook’s user wall, it can also share through email.


While there are still pending functionalities that the developer’s will deliver, the app itself is still a fun experience to share user’s moods everyday.
So WDA recommends this app. If your up for something fun and colorful experience posted on your Facebook wall. Definitely check it out if your interested.

WDA Rating:

4.5 out of 5
Functionality: 4.5
Design: 4.9
User Usability: 4.0

For more details: Check developer’s website Itsmymood or you can directly access it through their Facebook App Integration

Tell us what you think about the app, feel free to comment below!

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  1. Livio Lee Siano



    Well i use this website/facebook-app almost every day, it’s brilliant because you can choose a lot of different mooddies who can show exactly ho do you feel this momento. the website is not annoying because it’s really light and fast, choose a mooddy, write down a sentence and share it, less than 2 minutes. It’s just great !

  2. Great Principle, though I would have to declare that given the flock of views this has received it may be desirability meditating about trying to revise the spelling and the english! Produced a deeply good read though, excellent stuff.

  3. Raffaele



    I’m one of the itsmymood’s developer.
    I would add that now are ready the features “email” and “website”.
    It’s possible to send nice postcards with mooddies and it’s possible to get an HTML code to add a mooddy to your blog/website.


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