20 Creative Mickey Mouse Artwork Pictures for Inspiration

Mickey Mouse is one of the most renowned Disney characters.Mickey was born in the year 1928. This sweet character could carve out a place for itself in the heart of millions of people belonging to different age groups with its charming character.So much so that in the course of time it could earn for itself [...]

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30 Super cool Lion Wallpapers for Inspiration

Lions are known as the King of the jungle as because they are the symbol of power, physical strength, intelligence, pride, courage and aristocracy. This animal species establish a social system in their natural habitat and live like a joint family, where different works of the clan are divided among the members of the family [...]

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Giveaway – $39 Worth Free Lawyer WordPress Theme

I won’t be surprised if the Oxford English Thesaurus would tomorrow list the word “WordPress” as a synonym for “blogging”. Seriously. For every serious blogger blogging means WordPress. For the benefit of our readers we have collaborated with Lawyer WordPress Themes to giveaway a theme costing $39 for free to one lucky winner.As the company’s [...]

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20 Very Useful Drywall Texture for Inspiration

Drywalls have the widest application in the construction industry. These are basically readymade plasters that are used for filling the interior of the ceilings or walls, to accelerate the construction process. These slabs of plaster have rough and uneven surface and are not at all beautiful or striking. However, the graphic artists have drawn inspiration [...]

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123RF Giveaway – Win 150 Stock Images Pack

If you are a blogger, a website owner, a graphic designer or anyone related to the Internet you are in constant need of quality images. The creative commons images available for free on websites like Flickr and stock.xchng are usually of a poorer quality than the ones that cost money. 123RF is a stock photo [...]

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20 Really Cool Mosaic Textures For Inspiration

When any kind of material like stone, glass, beads of different colors and shape are placed together to give rise to a typical pattern or image, then it is regarded as a mosaic pattern. Traces of this art form have been found in different parts of the world since 3rdmillennium BC and this form is [...]

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45 Different Hut Photographs For Inspiration

Huts are small house that is made from crude materials like mud, straw, wood and other such materials. These are basically temporary shelters are being made and used by mankind from the ancient times. Huts are still used by a large percentage of global population, primarily the people who live in the rural areas and [...]

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45 Cute Bird Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Birds are one of the cutest and most beautiful reptiles of the animal kingdom. Moreover, it is one of the species in which we can see the largest numbers of variety in terms of colors, size and shape. In different parts of the world varying range of birds can be seen. They vary in their [...]

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20 Cool New Photoshop Icon Design Tutorials

Photoshop keeps surprising the creative graphic artists by gradually revealing its true potential. With Photoshop there is simply no bound to the innovations that can be engineered by a graphic artist. Right from realistic 3D images to cartoons, portraits, logos, icons and a lot more can be designed using Photoshop. Artists, who are endeavoring to [...]

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15 Inspirational Sphinx Artworks

Sphinx is a creature whose mention has been found in the ancient Greek, Egyptian and Indian mythologies. In all these legendary texts, they are described as half animal and half man. While their face resembles that of a human being, their body is that of a lion. In the Egyptian and Indian mythology, Sphinx is [...]

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