30 Awesome and breathtaking surfing photos

Surfing is a water sport that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent time. It means riding on a wave. This water sports can be only enjoyed in water bodies in which big waves are formed like in oceans or seas. The surfers mounted on the skating board try to climb up the [...]

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35 Amazing Deadpool Character Illustrations

Deadpool or Wade Winston Wilson is a common name for those individuals who love readings comics. However, he is not known for his heroic deeds. This fictional character is the villain of the comic series The New Mutants that was published for the first time in the year 1991. The character of Deadpool was given [...]

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30 Basic Tutorials for Windows 8

Windows 8 is the newest operating system that was launched by Microsoft in the year 2012. There are fundamental modifications in the functions of this operating system and its basic design is adapted for use on touch screen. Due to the dynamic change in its functioning, many tutorials have been also developed so that the [...]

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Five Tools To Create Websites With Ease

There was a time when only the very sophisticated could use a computer. Companies used to hire experts who had undergone rigorous training in computer usage to run computers for them.  But today we know that even children can use it. The situation with website creation is also a bit similar. There was a time [...]

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40 Amazing Valkyrie Artworks for Inspiration

Valkyries are an important part of the Norse mythology. In the ancient ruins on different parts of Scandinavian countries, remains of Valkyrie have been found. Valkyries were a group of feminine figures who had the authority to decide which soldiers will live or die in a battlefield. Thereafter, they chose some of the dead soldiers [...]

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20 Dragon Ball Z Wallpapers Collection for your Desktop

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most famous Japanese anime which has become quite famous all through the world. It is a sequel of Dragon Ball and was aired for the first time in Japan in 1989. Later on in around 1996 it was dubbed in other languages and released again. This anime series [...]

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DreamHost Giveaway – Win 10 Shared Hosting Accounts For Free

Almost all successful online business owners suggest that you should build your website by purchasing your own host. Free platforms like Blogger, Weebly, and WordPress are good for a start but not good if you wish to be taken seriously. DreamHost is perfect for people moving from bloggers or wordpress to self hosted. But you [...]

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Need PSD To HTML Conversions? Try CrazyXhtml.com

Broadly speaking there are two methods to get your website created. One is to use any free and easy website creator tool like Weebly or Square Space and design the site for yourself. These tools can be used by anyone who doesn’t even have any coding skills. The other option is to get the image [...]

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Is Cross Browser Compatibility Testing That Complicated?

So after much deliberation you finally created a wonderful website for yourself. You inserted those cool images, that awesome video and wrote pages of text after text. You checked it in your computer’s Mozilla Firefox browser and found that it was working fine. So you think everything is fine and invited your friends, neighbors and [...]

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40 Amazing iPhone Application Websites

The smartness of the Smartphones like iphone can be best experienced once we start using the different kinds of application on it. There are an infinite variety of applications available on the internet from which the users can choose according to their preference and need. Starting from managing your calories to your finance, there is [...]

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