How to Make your eCommerce Website Successful in 5 Easy Steps

The whole world seems to be bitten by the ‘online shopping bug’ since more and more users are using not only their laptops and desktops, but also their mobile devices to purchase from online retail stores. Therefore, considering the fact that eCommerce holds tremendous potential, many companies are taking their business online to reach out to a wide potential customer base through eCommerce websites.


So, if you are planning to develop an eCommerce website for your business and want it to be successful, this is the best time to get started. Let us take a look at five easy steps, using which you can make your eCommerce website successful.


Allow users to shop without forcing them to register

Often, visitors browse more than one site, just to find out which site offers them the best deal. Hence, they wouldn’t mind shopping from a totally new site, that they have come across, while randomly surfing the web; it’s important to remember that they are not even registered on this site, and want to make an on the spot purchase. In such a situation, if they are asked to first fill up a string of fields and register/sign-up to use the site, naturally, they will be put off and will abandon the site without making a purchase.

Give important details to the users at each step

Provide shoppers important details at each and every step, when they are in the middle of making a purchase from your website. For instance, you can notify them of the following:

  • Successful checkout
  • Confirmation of order
  • Notification of an email sent in case of confirmation of confidential information
  • Addition of a new item to the shopping cart
  • Notification of additional charges or taxes (if any)
  • Successful use of discount coupons

Give them a clear idea of what they are buying

Always use high quality and relevant product images on your websites so that the buyers get a clear idea of what they are purchasing from your site. Suppose you sell wrist watches on your site. In this case, what you must do is upload various high-resolution images of watches at different angles. By viewing these images, users will get a good idea about the color, shape and size and the style of the watch and take a decision in your favor.


Make it easy to locate most used items/links

Make it easy for your users to locate useful items on the site such as – search box, shopping cart, sign-in link and call-to-action-buttons. Apart from making your site easily navigable, this saves a lot of time of your visitors, as it makes shopping simpler and much quicker, which in turn contributes to your site’s success.

Also, visitors need to view important information like – delivery options, shipping options and payment options. Since these items of information are related, keep them at one place, where shoppers can easily find and go through them. For example, many successful websites keep these items of information in the footer area of their web page.

Provide the best customer support service

Nothing works better than an extremely efficient and timely customer support service. This is the reason why, many top sites these days, use features like LIVE online chat system on their websites to answer the queries of their customers on the spot. Hence, you too can integrate a LIVE chat on your website to provide your visitors the best customer service from your end.


To conclude

These above-mentioned pointers are some of the tried and tested methods, which will definitely work in your eCommerce website’s favor. Use them to increase the conversion ratio of your site and have a successful track record with respect to high sales figures.

Author Bio: Alan Hall works with PLAVEBAPPS, a Custom Ecommerce Shopping Cart Web Developer Company based in Los Angeles, California. He has worked on a number of Custom Web Application Development. He likes to write on different topics related to his field of work and shares them on various guest-blogging websites.

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