Fabulous low Light Photography

Taking photographs during nights or low light situations can be lots of fun captured by specialized equipment such as SLR cameras, tripods, cable releases and flashguns. After sunset, as the light that passes brings a special quality to our everyday world magically transforms all buildings, fireworks and the northern lights becoming popular subjects. For this post, we have compiled a collection of striking examples of low light photography.

Have fun!

1. Artist

Artist performing at an outdoor concert.


2. Frozen

This Snap was shot by Martin Stranka.


3. Place of silence

This Photograph was taken by Ingo Dumreicher.


4. Homo Erectus

How many different things can you see in the shape of the flame, So far I can see 4, and you ?


5. Jessica low light stock

Jessica at a very dusty team penning event in Texas which made flash photography very difficult as such I tried some low light photography.


6. The Good Times

This Snap was shot by Andres.


7. Golden Jubilee Bridge by Night

The very busy pedestrian bridge over the Thames at night.


8. Low light photography by weekeey

These where my first try for low light photography, taken with a Nikon 18-55mm lens on a Nikon D3100.



9. Moonrise

This Photograph was taken using Camera Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT, Focal Length 17mm, Shutter Speed 10 sec, Aperture f/5, ISO/Film 400.


10. Photograph by Rafal Chrobak


11. Abandoned Water park

This Snap was shot with Camera Nikon D90, Focal Length 34mm, Shutter Speed 1/400 sec, Aperture f/4.2, ISO/Film 200.


12. Fairytale

This Photograph was taken by Trond Romo.


13. Hillbilly ways outlaw style


14. Night Photography

creepy looking bus, This photo was taken on December 31, 2008 using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.


15. A short break

This Snap was Shot by Michael Holmberg.


16. A Night Time

-25 C 98-second exposure. I took the remote control did not work because of the cold hand.


17. Notturno Italiano

This photo was taken on November 29, 2008 using a Nikon D80.


18. Man on Fire

This Photograph was Shot by Shlomi Nissim.


19. Night at Loch Lomond


20. Novice Monk

This Snap was taken by Camera NIKON D3S, Focal Length 140mm, Shutter Speed 1/40 sec, Aperture f/2.8, ISO/Film 800.


21. Show Me the Trick

This Photograph was taken by Par Soderiman.


22. St. Chtistophorus


23. Turbulence


24. Unequaled Balance


25. Under fire

Mudiyettu is a ritual dance drama from Kerala based on the mythological tale of a battle between the goddess Kali and the demon Darika.


26. Fog Night

I know the exposure is not the best but was really hard to shoot with out flash at night under all the fog.


27. Light and Darkness

This Photograph was taken by Leszek Bujnowski.


28. Coming

This is a first picture of photo project called “Fire worshippers”.


29. Savitri


30. The Spirit Is Occupied

This Snap was shot by Daggeh.


Hope this showcase entertained you a lot!

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  1. keith



    I’m loving those kinds of night shots like the one in number 22 though I have to admit that being a amateur hobbyist/enthusiast myself, I’m having a hard time trying to mimic them. Anyways, thanks for the great collection!

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