Review: Sothink SWF Decompiler for Mac

Even though HTML5 is the new talk of the town from all over the design community, there are still remaining websites and animation effects that are running in Flash. Since the start of my career and since Macromedia Flash became Adobe Flash, I already kept my hands dirty on developing flash animations and websites. I [...]

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Magic jQuery: Free, Simple and Advanced jQuery Templates

Magic jQuery is a simple and lightweight jQuery Framework to easily create HTML templates such as align elements, limit elements, fix positions, menu, tabs, carousel and inner page messages. Magic jQuery were developed simply to enable the elements of the page to align and to limit their movement between themselves or just to have a [...]

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13 Freshly Made jQuery Plugins You Must Check Out Today

Every now and then jQuery developers releases an awesome plugins for them to share and for us to enjoy. Websites that has a jQuery plugin, might be a combination of jQuery galleries, lightbox, navigations and slideshows; surely that website will get notice if designers and developers of that website properly use the plugins that will [...]

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15 Useful Gmail Labs To Help You Revolutionize Your Gmail Experience

Google creates products thats will surely attracts thousands of people around the world. And one of their known product worldwide is Gmail. As a user of Gmail, it never fails to amazed me. With their new features they will surely be a number one email application that will stay and use worldwide. One of the [...]

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Weekly HTML5 News and Inspirations – Tutorials, Tools, Resources and Freebies (V.1)

If you missed something interesting on HTML5 world, don’t worry we got it all covered! With our new weekly column were going to share our favorite HTML5 design and development related articles, resources, tools, tutorials and freebies all from previous week. We created this list, hoping that you will be able to find useful links that [...]

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7 Form Frameworks To Help Manage Your Forms Easily

Web Forms are one of the important things that you cannot miss out for your website design and development. What will you do if all your site design were beautiful with clean codes, only to realize that you have another task to put your time with – styling a form. For today’s post, we will [...]

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Review: WhatFontis – A Unique Tool to Find Fonts Easily

Ever wonder what is the font others are using on their design? Or if you have an image which has a nice font that you want to use but can’t find the right font name? WhatFontis, is what your looking for. You can easily identify the font/s used to a certain image. WhatFontis is a [...]

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20 New Useful Time-Savers for Web Designers

If you are a web designer who considers time as a essential factor of your productivity, then you will tend to find Free, or Paid online tools that will improve your workflow and increase your productivity without wasting so much time on it. In this post, you’ll find a collection of cool websites and handy [...]

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Useful Collection of Resources Powered by Tumblr for Designers and Developers

Tumblr is one of the many ways bloggers share information across the globe. If you think that Tumblr is only design and develop for those personal bloggers who just want to write or share something about his/her day, you’re wrong. But instead take a look at our collection below, and you will amaze how many [...]

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Top 16 Ad Networks for Publishers and Advertisers

As the internet evolves so thus the way bloggers sell their available ad spots on their site. New networks and services are coming out to help bloggers organized their own ads and helps advertisers gain more traffic on their site or earn more on the product they advertise. The networks that we showcased in this [...]

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