cherry framework

Want A Framework For WordPress? Try Cherry

Template Monster is the brain child of Jetimpex which is a worldwide leader in e-commerce and provides customers with valuable and relevant online experiences through many different products and services. Jetimpex and its subsidiaries presently employ more than a hundred full time employees assisted by more than forty freelance designers and programmers. Their customers begin [...]

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15 Premium Medical and Health WordPress Themes

WordPress is the most versatile content management platform available to all entrepreneurs who want to launch online platform. Be it a fashion blog or a healthcare platform, WordPress has something good in store for a wide range of clients. The user friendly interface of the CMS, clutter free designs, easy to use features and the [...]

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Want Deals At Discounted Price? Try InkyDeals

If you are a designer InkyDeals is meant for you. It is one of the leading deals based website in the design community which has comprising of an extended family of more than 300,000 people interested in designing. InkyDeals is your go to place if you need to purchase premium resources at prices that you [...]

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flipping boook

Get Professional E-books From FlippingBook

Internet has taken the world by a storm. It is difficult to imagine any place which is not touched or affected by this powerful medium. Amongst other things, the Internet has given rise to a lot of e-books. Since nowadays virtually anyone can self publish his e-book or any other kind of publication, millions of [...]

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30 Amazing and Funny Egg Drawings

Drawing eggs on Easter is one of the oldest traditions that is prevalent among the Christians even today. Since the shells of the eggs are quite hard and smooth, many things can be drawn on it with ease with sketch pens or markers of a varying range of color. Moreover, since the shell of the [...]

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30 Best PSD Format Icon Sets

Quality and time are the two most important constants that web designers must accomplish in each and every projects developed by them. Achieving both these objectives is quite challenging, but definitely not impossible. Many free online resources are available on the internet which can be used by the developers to realize both career objectives and [...]

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25 Best Graph and Chart Solutions for Web Developers

Graphical representations and charts help in making WebPages more expressive and creative. However, integrating a chart or graph in a webpage is a very tricky task, especially if you want to use some data or image along with the graph. Such images and graphs can be integrated in a webpage with the use of PHP [...]

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Store & Share – To Offer 5GB Free Cloud Space

What is cloud storage? The website How Stuff Works? Defines it as: While cloud storage sounds like it has something to do with weather fronts and storm systems, it really refers to saving data to an off-site storage system maintained by a third party. Instead of storing information to your computer’s hard drive or other [...]

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40 Marvelous Vector Flower Resources

No matter how much technology has modernized our societies and no matter how many LCD screens and digital images we use to decorate our rooms, many people still use good old natural flowers for beautification. Many offices have fixed salary employees whose only job is to replace old flowers with new fresh ones everyday. It [...]

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uCoz – Create Your Own Website Within Matter of Minutes

If the very thought of creating a website freaks you out, is just what you need. It is a real godsend for those who’re dreaming about a website, but are hesitant about investing thousands of dollars into their web presence. Luckily for everyone, starting from professional webmasters and finishing with housewives dreaming to launch [...]

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