Want An E-commerce Website? Try Avactis

There are many different ways how you can make money online. Dealing with all of them will require a complete book. I will just say that selling products online – whether your own or manufactured by someone else – is one of the prominent methods to earn money on the Internet. No I am not [...]

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Is Cross Browser Compatibility Testing That Complicated?

So after much deliberation you finally created a wonderful website for yourself. You inserted those cool images, that awesome video and wrote pages of text after text. You checked it in your computer’s Mozilla Firefox browser and found that it was working fine. So you think everything is fine and invited your friends, neighbors and [...]

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Indigo Studio – Wireframing Tool For All Your Designs

Indigo Studio is a software prototyping tool, which is ready to assist you in designing interactions that integrate with your storyboards. In order to be more precise this program will help you get rapid, interactive prototyping for web, desktop and mobile applications. Anyway, in the lines that are to come, you will find out why [...]

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Transform Your Files From PSD To HTML With TheSiteSlinger

For most people, the biggest hurdle in creating a website is having the necessary coding expertise to create a working, well coded, website.Even if you know how to code, sometimes you have to match your code to a designer’s designs in order to satisfy the client requirements of the project. Here is where The Site [...]

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