5 Undeniably Awesome Things HTML5 Can Teach You Now!

If you’re always reading or checking our blog, we are a big fan of HTML5. We even code and design a single-page HTML5 portfolio, we curated a list of HTML5 canvas graphing solutions, a collection of HTML5 Sketching tools and we even have our weekly HTML5 series; volume 1 and volume 2. We do have also a step-by-step HTML tutorials for you to look at.

It is been awhile since we write about those things, and we thought we can try to write again a HTML5 roundup. So here is our post for today, 5 undeniably awesome things HTML5 can teach you now! Have a run down on our 5 things listed here and you will surely be amaze on how HTML5 is shaping the future of the web.

If you think you have an awesome HTML5 ideas that you want to include, please feel free to comment below

1. Creating Forms in Style

Forms will always be part of web design. It can be a contact forms, newsletter signups, online feedback forms; it is always good to have a nice looking form to attract customers without getting rid of user experience and usability. Let’s take a look on how powerful HTML5 can be when it comes to HTML5. See our examples below.

Create a Stylish Contact Form with HTML5 and CSS3

Have a Field Day with HTML5 Forms

Designing Modern Web Forms with HTML5 and CSS3

Fun with HTML5 Forms

Fancy Forms with HTML5, CSS3 + JS

2. Building HTML5-based frameworks that really works!

Frameworks are here to help us makes our like easier. It gives you a rock-solid foundation on building your web design project and focusing on what is ahead and not wasting time on creating repetitive tasks you do over again and again on each site projects you have. Below are the lists of notable HTML5 Frameworks.

52 Framework

Less Framework


Jo App Framework

Baseline CSS



Baker Framework

Sencha Touch

3. Visualizing Data in a More Sophisticated Way

Once in awhile, you to have on your website large data or information that you need to visualize or properly demonstrate it in a most creative and most understandable way we can imagine. Thus, you need graphing or charting solutions to visualize the data properly.


HTML5 Graph Slider


HTML5 Humble Finance

4. The Game is ON

Even though HTML5 is still on the process of completion, some game developers are now developing awesome, fun, interesting and interactive video games. Try one or two of our HTML5 games that we collected!

Biolab Disaster

Canvas Rider

Pirates Love Daises

Agent 8 Ball


Canvas Pinball


Browser Bots

Four Demons

5. The Future is Now – Create a Mind-blowing HTML5 Demos, Experiments and Freebies

Touch the Future create an elegant website with HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 Admin Template

Creating Blog Layout Design using CSS and HTML5

Mozilla HTML5 Dashboard

Create Posticks Sticky Notes App with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery

HTML5 Sketch

A World of Tweets


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