5 iPhone Apps a Designer Should Have

Sometimes, it seems that designers have a love of all things Apple. Steve Jobs company’s products aesthetics are not lost on the keen of eye of the designer.

So, as a designer with an iPhone 4s in hand you may be wondering which applications are of the most use to
you. Fortunately, we have compiled a varied but essential list of some of the best applications for
the iPhone out there, so you can keep abreast of developments and also keep ahead of the game,
while saving time on the move.

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1. What The Font

5 iPhone Apps a Designer Should Have

What the Font is ideal for those who invariably wonder what font they’re viewing a web page or a
document in. A keen eye for detail is an essential for good designers; however with hundreds upon
hundreds of fonts out there it can be hard to determine what is what.

This application for iPhone recognises up to 650 different fonts from the Internet or through photos,
just click on the app and use it on the highlighted text. It will name the font in front of you, allowing
you to use it on your own projects in future. You can also just take a snap on the iPhones camera,
put it through the software and it will tell you the font.

2. Sketches

5 iPhone Apps a Designer Should Have

Sketches is another wonderfully innovative little application that many designers will find more than
useful. This app is like your very own drawing pad. Just sketch whatever you want to draw or write
on the iPhone’s screen in a number of colours and styles and use them yourself or even send them
to others. The app comes with a number of clip boards, backgrounds and colours, and also is created
to be optimised multi gesture usage.

3. iBlue Sky

5 iPhone Apps a Designer Should Have

Many designers don’t think in conventional patterns and the makers of iBlue Sky have recognised
this and created an excellent and easily used memory map app. iBlue Sky allows you to create
memory maps in your own distinct style, allowing you to jot down ideas or remember what you
need to with all the versatility of a mind map.

4. Quickoffice

5 iPhone Apps a Designer Should Have

Quickoffice is a little conventional and used by many people in business. Though who can really
complain about an application that offers them all the word processing and spread sheet options
they will ever need on the move. All Quickoffice applications are fully Microsoft compatible, allowing
you to store your documents and edit them as you go.

The application means you can edit excel sheets, balances and everything you need from your
iPhone. Team this up with a Cloud service such as Dropbox and you have a very powerful tool you
can use on the move.

5. The Color Expert

5 iPhone Apps a Designer Should Have

The Colour Expert app for designers will more than likely be your best friend in time. This app allows
artists and designers to translate, capture and show colour using their iPhone. It comes with a
interactive colour wheel to find out a certain colour, which you can then identify and find several
palates for backed by colour theory. You can even use the application to take colours from images
and use them yourself for your needs.

The application comes with its own set of swatches and this will allow you to instantly match a
colour without the need for large swatch books of colour on the move. Or, you can use it in a
meeting with a client. Instead of having to worry about forgetting colours or rooting through tables,
the Colour Expert can find what you are after within seconds. This is the perfect app for designers.


Do you have any apps that you think designers shouldn’t miss? Have it on our comments box below!

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  1. Jeff



    Nice post Nicky – thanks for the tips on apps for designers. We have posted your collection of apps on Gangaroo with your opinion. You can check it out at http://www.gangaroo.com/users/068fb4d4/collections/5-iphone-apps-a-designer-should-have. Accounts are free if you’d like to re-post your reviews here.

  2. Nicky,

    Great list.

    I use:

    Analytics Lite
    Domain Tools


  3. shan



    Nice collection of apps.Thank for the post and for the tips.

  4. Great collection of apps! this is amazing to see them! thanks, it would be more useful!

    • 2 Page Website



      Great list.

      I use mailchimp for e-mailing my customers. The mailchimp app is great as you can monitor results when you are out and about.

      Looking for ideas on the best one for Google Analytics.

  5. I also use
    – FontShuffle
    – Palettes
    – Instapaper (for all those long journeys where you want to learn more)
    – Travveling (dribbble on the road)

  6. summerhathway



    Really a wonderful post to read it.

  7. techsawy



    Great collection of apps! this is amazing to see them! thanks, it would be more useful!

  8. technology



    Nice post Nicky – thanks for the tips on apps for designers.

  9. designers



    I use mailchimp for e-mailing my customers.

  10. summerhathway



    this is so interesting and wonderful post to read.

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