45 Symmetry Photography Examples

Symmetric Photograph is the picture in which the subject looks similar (like mirror image) when it is split down the middle and the sides are the mirror images even in dimensional or geometrical way. Consider a photo with a triangle or square is cut in half, then both sides of the photo would be a reflection of each other.

When trying to shoot a photo when items are placed evenly apart may produce a symmetrical photograph. Below you can have a look at some photographs that are creative and beautiful examples of symmetry in photograph.

1. Peacock


2. Cubes

Cube houses in Rotterdam, built between 1982 and 1984, designed by P. Blom.


3. Dream Passage


4. Snow Fall Symmetry

A winter photo featuring the magnificence of a perfect snowfall. You are invited to walk the path of silent, majestic fresh-fallen snow leading to a realm of winter wonder.


5. Symmetry In Photography

This photo was an attempt at depicting symmetry in photography. These are crystal demons carved on the stems of dessert-liquor glasses that are quite ornate and ostentatious.


6. Small Blue Symmetry

Pair of Common Kingfisher on a boat near Sultan’s battery , Mangalore. I used Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L USM with Tamron SP AF 1.4X TC on Giottos Monopod.


7. Under Ground Station In Berlin

Underground Station Rathaus Reinickendorf in Berlin. U-Bahnhof Rathaus Reinickendorf in Berlin. Station der U8.


8. Stair Way


9. Wall and Doors


10. Reach

Taken in the beautiful town of Dali, Yunnan-province, China.


11. Perfect Symmetry

Spent a few hours in one of the pools at Zebula Lodge, Limpopo, up to my neck in water, slowly stalking the dragonflies that were flying around. I eventually got close enough to one to capture this shot with my macro lens.


12. Graphical Symmetry

It took about 10 attempts to frame this symmetrically with 180mm


13. Maximum Chairs

Symmetry kept jumping out at me for a couple years. It’s a simplistic interpretation, but I think I was really seeking balance in my life at that time.


14. Down the Alley


15. Plane Symmetry

Plane Symmetry HDR at Boston MA


16. Antro-Architettonico


17. Symmetrical Soldiers

This is part of the (very theatrical) changing of guard ceremony of the Evzones (the elite Presidential Guard) at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which lies in front of the Greek Parliament.


18. At the British Museum

Sir Norman Foster’s Great Court at the British Museum – Really impressive, not only for fans of modern architecture like me.


19. Identical Twins


20. Where’s kims2

There’s nothing like a good group photograph! Note the precision with which the braided uniforms have been positioned and the perfect symmetry of the composition.


21. Architectural Interest


22. Villa La Rotonda

During the Renaissance, architects were inspired by the carefully proportioned buildings of Classical Greece and Rome.


23. Versailles

Museum of the History of France 1


24. Duke University

Last year during my trip to North Carolina, I visited Duke University and had a chance to see the chapel that was part of the college. What a beautiful building to photograph. I can’t believe it took me this long to get around to posting it.


25. Symmetry Roof


26. Symmetry by Ralf regeer

Roof of the Pantheon in Paris


27. Wine Drums


28. The Knocker


29. Getting Away

Getting away to places where the air is unpolluted, where you can see all the Stars at night, and where the roads have no names….


30. In Dust Real Chain


31. Symmetry of the dock


32. Stapelia-arenosa-flower

Stapelia arenosa flower from the Cederberg, South Africa.


33. Natural History Museum

It looked like a fisheye photo to me at first (because of the round arches on the ceiling i guess), but as you can see, the stairs are straight, so no fisheye.


34. Symmetrical Thoughts

We had a wedding at Caldwell Chapel recently. Just posting one picture from a series that will follow. This one picture show cases the symmetry of the building in a unique way. A fine art approach to the capture  of photograph here.


35. A Perfect World

Imagine a world in perfect symmetrical balance, all imperfections obscured. Like the fog and snow around the Midwest today, it won’t last long.


36. Tour Galfetti


37. Remembering

This is a monument erected in the old bed of the river “Turia” in the city of Valencia (Spain). Its name is “El principio del fin del cancer de cuello de utero” “The beginning of the end of cervical cancer.”, and commemorating the discovery of a vaccine against this cancer.The names written in these columns are names of women battered by it.


38. 313-312

Corridor at the Festive Hotel, Singapore – CarlZeiss 16-35mm lens. The light strips are semi-circular and very funky & retro.


39. Circle of Light


40. Taj mahal-The Symbol of Love


Some of these are quite impressive and hope they entertained you as well with the inspiring pictures taken by the professionals.

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