3 Tips on How to Get Exposure as a Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer you’re constantly working to share your name and your work with a wider audience. The cold hard fact is that thousands, if not millions of similarly motivated entrepreneurs vie for the same exposure. Freelance writers in the blogosphere face a particularly difficult obstacle in online writing; while publishing content online isn’t so hard, making sure that people read that content can certainly be a challenge. Worry not! All writers in the blogosphere began as a struggling writer just like you. And like them, you can certainly make it. Try following these basic guidelines while you make your way as a freelance writer online.

3 Tips on How to get Exposure as a Freelance Writer

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1. Guest Posting

If you don’t have your own blog (you should), then you should look to guest posting as a way to get your content read. Search through blogs that interest you for possible guest posting opportunities. Most blogs that accept guest posts will say so on some tab on their homepage. Read through the blog’s qualifications and pitch your story idea to the webmaster. If they accept your pitch, draft an article that fits the theme of the blog while also showcasing your individual style as a writer. Think of ways to approach the blog’s theme with a new angle that will bring the blog (and your post) positive attention.

2. Freelancing Sites

If you want to hone your writing with experience, you can always write for sites that hire freelance writers. Sites like Demand Studios and HubPages hire writers on a contract basis to post content at their leisure. If you are accepted to these freelancing sites, you’ll be compensated for every published article that you write. You would write articles based on the need of websites that require content, so there’s a good chance that you would write on a wide range of topics. These sites are indispensable to writers who are looking to boost their exposure on the web while simultaneously giving them familiarity with web writing.

3. Maintain a Blog

If you’re a writer, you should at the very least have your own personal writing blog. From a practical perspective, a personal blog provides a private space where you can record ideas and drafts for future articles. Update your content regularly even if you’re the only person who reads the blog—you never know what writing might prove to be useful. Over time you might even notice your blog develop an overarching theme that could be appealing to other writers. Your personal writing blog could evolve into a hub for other aspiring freelance writers!


Do you have any tips for freelance writers out there? Hit up with your list from our comments below!

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  1. Shible Shadiq



    Most important tip for writing: Learn the language perfectly and express the thoughts with easiest language.

    Another tip: Do sufficient research before write a single sentence. Read as much as you can for having the most suitable way.

    One more to go: Do not follow anything specific. Try your best to bring the thought inside you and express in your unique way (I believe everyone has it).

    The worst possible tip: Make copy/paste from others writing.

    Keep Smiling and a real good initiative. Appreciate your level of writing.


  2. Noel



    Another tip from a freelance writer: participate in writing contests! Some of those national and international writing contests show your work on their website. They always advertise that they bring you a large amount of readers to read your work and get to know you as a writer. Plus, this is a great way to have your name out there and improve your visibility on the web.

    I just joined America’s Next Author (http://www.americasnextauthor) short story writing contest. You get an author page to promote yourself and your writing. I’m getting some serious feedback on my work too. Not to mention, that my social media contacts have grown immensely! It is a great experience for me as an writer. You can still join?!

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