10 Reliable Tools That You Can Use to Develop Your Website

Almost every company in existence today has realized that it needs to have an online presence just as much as it needs to have a physical presence. However there are many of us, regular folk, who are beginning to realize just how important creating our own websites can be. So for those startups that are just now thinking to start a webpage or for the romantic in you that wants to share his thoughts with the world here are the top 10 reliable tools that you can use to develop your site.

1 HostGator


The first thing you are going to need will be a server to host you website. There are those who chose to setup their own servers at home but, unless you are a huge company that can afford to buy a top of the line server with an extremely powerful connection, it would be better and simpler to use a hosting provider like HostGator.

2 WordPress


The easiest and fastest way to establish a web presence is to simply use the WordPress platform or  ecommerce platform in case of store. It is being used to host everything from personal blogs to the websites of universities and yet it is a so simple to use and install that you can have your site up and running in less than an hour even if you don’t know anything about it because the support service at HostGator can easily guide you on how to set it up.

3 Dreamweaver


Still there are those who will prefer to develop their own website and, whether you are a beginner or a pro, the Adobe Dreamweaver is the best solution to create your site. It is user friendly enough that you can start your own website within 2 weeks of training and it has enough features to keep you busy for days.

4 NameCheap


Still there is no point about building your website if you don’t have a domain id. That is to say the actual .com address and you can purchase it for about 10 bucks from them.

5 Google Analytics


And once you have setup your website you will want to know just how many people are reaching your site, what countries they are coming from and how did they find you site. These are all extremely important pieces of information that you will need to know in order to determine the best growth directions for your site.

6 The GIMP


There are many photos editing software out there and they all have their merits but when you compare the quality of what you are getting with the price The GIMP is probably the best. And it is also one of the most important investments you are going to make in your site because just endless pages of text won’t get anyone’s attention.

7 HandBreak


And once you’ve added your first dozens of photos you might start thinking about adding some video. And HandBreak is great at that because it can take virtually any format and convert it to an internet friendly format that you can easily integrate on your site.

8 PowerBullet


Ultimately, though, what makes all the difference between a homes developed sites and professional looking one is the presence of classy Flash application and PowerBullet is just to tool to deliver that.

9 SEO Book


As you grow and develop your site you will ultimately come to a place where you will want to put in some effort towards being more easily found through search engines. And that is when you are going to learn about SEO and the first tool that you will use will be the SEO Book Toolbar because it provides so many tools to help you rank better.




10 FileZilla


FileZilla is tiny software that will allow you to more comfortably interact with your online database. You will need it from the first month of developing your site even if you decide to go with the WordPress platform and you will need it even after you go pro.


This post is a contribution from Leo Preston, a seasoned technology blogger write for different technology blogs. She also helps people who are thinking about taking different services for hosting or building their sites. She prefers and provides ipage reviews to web entrepreneurs for finding easy solution to building their web in shortest time.

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